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What are U Values and how are they calculated?

What is 'U' Value and How is it Calculated?

During the colder months, many of our clients talk to us about the thermal insulation properties of our windows, doors and roofs. Obviously, the less insulating a product, the more energy that is lost, resulting in higher energy bills. It is therefore important for higher quality, more efficient aluminium products to be distinguished from lower performing products when customers are choosing their new doors and windows.

So, how is thermal performance calculated? Well, the most commonly used measurement in the construction industry is U value. U values are a measurement of heat transfer throughout a material, divided by the difference in temperature across the structure. The resulting units are W/m2K - the lower the u value, the better insulated the structure is.

Things to consider

Whilst the product itself can have an exceptionally low u value, the standard of the fitting plays a massive part of the overall performance of the window/door - poor quality bridging materials, air gaps and even the mortar can considerably affect the insulation properties. If you have selected a supply only service from Alpine, then be sure to check your fitter is confident of installing our high performing products to the highest standards. Our supply and fit service will provide you with the peace of mind that installation will be carried out professionally and guaranteed for up to 15 years.


Understanding 'real world' u values

Whilst many competitors market their products with 'headline' u values, the actual performance of each of their products is likely to fall short. At Alpine, we are different - included within each of our quotes, you will receive a price tailored to the requirements you provide ie dimensions and specification. In addition, as all of our products are bespoke to these requirements, we have no 'standard' u value - as such, we will calculate the exact u value for each product on your quote for complete transparency and accuracy. Likewise, if you are keen to reach a target thermal performance rating, we can work with you to create a product specification to perfectly meet your needs and budget.

If you have any questions regarding thermal insulation, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales advisors who will be happy to help.

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