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Top Tips For Designing an Elegant and Chic Living Area

The heart of the home, your living area or sitting room needs to be a comfortable space to both entertain and relax. Whether you want to recline on a chaise longue with a glass of wine after a long commute or you are hosting a summer soirée - it is imperative that your living areas are a fusion of an idyllic tranquil setting with both cutting edge and modern décor.


With this in mind, we have designed to collate together our top tips and sprinkles of inspiration for designing a stunning living area that will impress any guests that walk through your door.


Statement lighting

For a living area to sartorially stand out from the rest, and be the envy of your neighbours, make sure to include a focal feature like statement lighting. Whether you want an art deco chandelier or modern droplet lights, statement lighting can illuminate both the corners of your abode and also the eyes of you and your guests.


Large pieces of art

Like statement lighting, investing in a large scale piece of art, whether a sculpture or abstract canvas print is an excellent way to elevate your living areas. If you are choosing a painting, place a coffee table underneath with art and design coffee table books, not only does it frame the picture, but it also adds another decorative element that unifies and complement the overall appearance.


Emphasise space

Open living spaces with a minimalist aesthetic have become associated with an easy and relaxed way to live, as the old adagé goes ‘a tidy space equals a tidy mind’. What’s more, you don’t want to have guests over, and for the space to instantly feel cluttered, disorganised or even messy. This is why, when designing your living area, make sure to emphasise space and not overload it with bright colours or furniture. In addition, if you have an open plan living area that seamlessly transitions into being a kitchen or dining area, having a spacious interior is also ergonomic as well as being stylish.


Choose luxurious upholstery

If you are passionate about interior design, you will know the importance of textiles and upholstery in transforming a space and making it homely. This is why, from a rich velvet sofa to bright scatter cushions and calming cosy blankets, you should use textiles in abundance when decorating a living area.

Install a roof lantern

It is no secret that natural light is the perfect mood enhancer and productivity maker. Whether you want to admire the coral tones of sunset or cornflower blue hues of the sky at a summer party, or you want to read your morning emails in a serene space, a roof lantern is a perfect choice.


Here at Alpine Aluminium, we pride ourselves on being one of the most popular choices for installing stunning luxury bi-fold doors, sliding doors and roof lanterns in homes. Located in Leeds, we can artfully illuminate your living areas and transform the spaces in your home. To find out more, simply contact us today.



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