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primary image for -The AP61 - The Slimmest Bi-folding Door

The AP61 - The Slimmest Bi-folding Door

One of the most efficient bifold systems available in the UK


Our premium Bifolding door system, the AP61 is certainly causing a stir in the industry at the moment, and for all the right reasons! The industry trend is for bifolding and sliding door frames to get thinner and slimmer - this is for two key reasons.


Slimmer frame means lower bills!

Firstly, with improvements in glass technology, lower and lower U values are now more achievable than ever before. Aluminium profiles are thermally broken and incredibly efficient, however, do not perform as well as the glazed unit. Therefore the slimmest bifolding door frame will often deliver higher energy efficiency as the system incorporates more glass.


Less frame, more glass

Secondly, less frame ensures minimal interruption with the view outside. One of the main reasons why our clients choose sliding doors over bifolds is because they envisage they will keep the doors closed for the majority of the time - sliding doors can support larger glass panels than bifolds and so when compared, there will generally be more frame in a bi fold system that a sliding system filling the same opening. Therefore, the slimmest bifold frames offer a visual advantage over more bulky systems. This is often the key draw for clients looking for a specific aesthetic.


Our AP61 ultra-slim bifolding door system offers a U value as low as 0.9 (triple glazed) combined with a frame width of just 61mm - one of the slimmest aluminium door systems available in the UK. It is available on either a fully fitted or supply only basis and still available for delivery before Christmas. Why not get in touch today to request a brochure and get a no-obligation quote. If you are looking for an ultra-slimline aluminium sliding door for comparison, then why not take a look at the Alpine AP Infinium - providing a sightline of just 21mm!

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