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Choosing a Roof Lantern


If you are looking to increase the level of natural light in a room with a flat roof, then your first choice should be to install an aluminium roof lantern. However, with so many suppliers, materials and specifications available, where do you start the search for the right and best system for your home?


Alpine offers the slimmest roof lantern system available, ensuring you achieve the maximum amount of light and minimum frame - what better place to start?! We also provide a fully-fitted or supply-only option, meaning that we can deal with your chosen builder who will install the system, or liaise with you directly and install ourselves. If we install, you will receive a reassuring 15-year guarantee on the aluminium lantern and fitting work.


Alpine aluminium lanterns are available in dual colour options, which means you can select your exact colour choices visible from the inside and outside. A subtle exterior aesthetic can contrast a bold interior design statement.


With such an impressive expanse of glass, thermal insulation is key. In the summer, sunlight will be beating down into the living space. Without a reflective coating, the room below would feel like a greenhouse. Likewise, in the winter month, the rising heat from inside would escape without thermal glazing. All Alpine Aluminium products offer some of the highest rated u values available on the market and our roof lanterns are no exception. You have the peace-of-mind that your home will stay comfortable whatever the season, whatever the weather.


We have a selection of roof lantern demo systems at our Leeds Showroom - we have the facility to view from above, not just from below, providing you with a real understanding of how the roof look for multiple angles. Why not give us a call today to arrange a visit and view the products up close - alternatively, if you have dimensions, complete one of our online quotation forms and we will get back to you with an accurate cost.

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