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5 Benefits of Bifolding Doors

The Summer sun is on the horizon and homeowners start to think about ways they can make the most of the season from the comfort of their own home.


Well, Alpine have the answer: install aluminium bi-folding doors! 

Here are our top five benefits of adding bifold doors to your home this summer


Create space


When the weather heats up, it's the perfect time to entertain family and friends. Bifold doors make this far easier by sliding wide open to create a functional open space for entertaining. Bifolding doors also provide the ability to seamlessly transition between the inside of your home into the garden.  When it invariably begins to cool off later in the evening, the concertina doors will simply slide shut giving you extra security and keeping the warmth in your home.

A seamless transition between the inside and out.


Alpine Aluminium bifolding doors create a new dimension to any room. For a start, they fold back effortlessly, creating an open space to relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden throughout the warmer months. With our bifold doors, you will have the perfect marriage between the inside and out, creating an open plan feel to your home and living space.


Energy efficiency


As your house temperature heats up during the summer, bifolding doors play a key part in lowering your monthly energy bills. They allow fresh, cool air and a breeze through the home which means that energy costs to cool your home are kept down.In contrast, our energy efficient bi folding doors are also designed to keep heat in your home for longer during the winter!


Increase property value


Increasing the value to your home is essentially what all property owners aim to achieve. Installing bi folding doors to an existing part of the house or a new extension is ever popular - not only because of the short term space-gaining benefits but also as they usually ensure an attractive return on investment.




Aluminium bifold doors look amazing regardless of whether the property is new, old, traditional or contemporary. In addition, they can be supplied in a wide range of RAL colours, specification, configurations, finishes and dual contrasting tones to perfectly suit your home. 


To find out more about our range of AP70 and AP61 premium bifolding doors, why not call our sales team for more information. Alternatively, you can download a brochure or view our case studies on our website.

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