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How you can benefit from natural light

We all feel more positive when the sun is shining and even when skies are grey the beneficial rays are providing essential Vitamin D, which assists the immune system and combats disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


More and more modern builds are making provision for maximum use of light and if you are planning on altering your living space in any way, it makes sense to do likewise and get better connected to the outdoors with more light and fresh air.

Whether you’re re-decorating, or even building a whole new extension, you have a wealth of options to choose from to increase light:





One of the easiest ways to lighten up your home is by simply changing the colours of your walls. The introduction of a lighter colour will not only rejuvenate your home but also reflect any natural light entering the room. Opting for an off-white shade will create a warm atmosphere, as opposed to solid white which can be a bit harsh and cold. Alpine products can be delivered with a contrasting interior and exterior colour, so you can have a darker shade on the exterior (maybe the RAL 7016 anthracite grey) with a lighter interior finish that exactly matches the colour scheme inside.



A Rooflight in the Ceiling


Rooflights and Roof Lanterns are perfect for naturally lighting up a new extension. The new glazing will allow light into the heart of your living space, enhancing the appearance of your interior styling as well as introducing an attractive architectural feature.



Larger, Slimmer Windows


Adding new windows is a great way to give your home that 'new' look, creating the perfect finishing touch. Our super-slim windows not only maximise the light entering your home, but also offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and thermal performance. When paired with other aluminium glazed products the matching colours and style will truly give your home it’s own unique character.



Replace walls with Bi-folding or Sliding Doors


If you have the budget, glazed doors will create a beautiful transition between your outdoor and indoor living space. The addition of a large glazed area not only attracts a wealth of light into your home but also frames a beautiful view of your garden. 


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