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Roof Lanterns. Why it's important to choose the right glass

Roof lanterns and sky lights can transform a dark and featureless room into a bright open space, adding bags of character to almost any home regardless of whether it is a traditional or modern style. They are also a popular choice for single storey extensions. However, the choice of glass plays a key factor in how the roof lantern system will perform and how it benefits your home in a functional sense.


Our self-cleaning glass has a special coating that actually uses the sun's UV rays to break down organic dirt and makes it more difficult for inorganic dirt to adhere itself to the glass. When it rains, the glass forces the rainwater to form a 'sheet' and wash the dirt away - in addition, the glass dries quickly to leave a smear-free finish. Given that most roof lanterns are difficult to clean from the exterior, this is a favoured choice for most of our customers.


During the summer months, a poor quality roof lantern can make a room almost unbearable (think a greenhouse on a hot day!). Our solar controlled glass allows for sunlight to pass through to the room below but will reflect most of the sun's heat. This ensures the room below remains cool, yet bright throughout the warmer months. In the winter, our innovative thermal glazing delivers one of the lowest u-values available in the UK market, keeping the heat inside your home and helping to reduce energy and heating bills.


If you have any questions about the glazing options available from Alpine Aluminium for any of our glazed roof products, then get in touch with our team today who will be more than happy to discuss your project and advise which solutions perfectly suit your requirements.

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