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Aluminium Bi-folding Doors


Benefits of Bi-fold Doors


Visitors to our Leeds showroom are continuously looking for ways to maximize their space. More often than not visually as well as physically. Alpine’s AP70 Bi-Folding Door provides the opportunity to optimize the flexibility of your chosen room. It also seamlessly blends the outside and inside spaces. In addition, folding doors bring more daylight in. The AP61 Bi Fold system create an aesthetical design which instantly transforms your home. Another practical feature of the AP70 is the optional door locking principle which allows you to use the first leaf as an entrance door without affecting the folding capacity of the system.

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AP70 aluminium doors

Aluminium bifolds offer a wide range of solutions


With the AP70 aluminium bifolding doors, design and user-friendliness go hand in hand with high technical performance. Our design is the combination of advanced profiles, accessories, thermal glazing and insulation technologies that have specifically been designed for folding systems. It creates high insulation values that meet stringent legislation requirements as well as market demands.

  AP70 Folding Doors - Technical features:


  • Highly thermally insulating
  • Water resistance up to 600 Pa
  • Glazing from 28mm up to 42mm
  • 1 to 8 vent combinations Bi Folding Doors
  • Anti-finger trap panels
  • Large vent sizes
  • In and outward opening using the same profiles
  • Window or door functionality for the first vent
  • Integrated and centrally built-in bottom rolling system
  • High vent weights
Highly thermally insulating bifold doors

Why opt for bi-fold or sliding patio doors?



They are environment-friendly as the material is completely recyclable (without any loss of quality). At Alpine Aluminium we only use premium grade aluminium in manufacturing high-quality aluminium bifold doors.


The profile system we use allows us to create very slim profiles for the largest of panels. Not only does this add to the aesthetics of the place, but it also allows more natural light to easily enter the indoor spaces and creates a more comfortable environment indoors.


You will find there is a large variety of colours and that gives you the design flexibility to create the kind of spaces you want.


We use top-grade, energy rated thermal glass. This helps maintain a much more comfortable indoor temperature and spaces stay warmer in the colder months.


If you prefer, we can use solar-controlled glass in sliding patio doors and aluminium bifold doors installations. (This helps create cooler indoor spaces in the summertime).


You can choose from various designs, dependent on the space and we can also install efficient sliding integrated blinds that are foldable in either direction.


We offer the option to choose from either straight or curved glass. This definitely adds to the charm of any home.

   Features of our aluminium doors


  • We offer standard and low thresholds
  • The option to open in/out
  • All come internally beaded
  • Wrap-over sash that provides superior weathering
  • Security multi-point locking comes as standard
  • Adjustable hinges that allow easy installation (if supply only)
Security multi-point locking comes as standard
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