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What are the Benefits of Aluminium Bifolding Doors?


Top 10 Advantage of Alpine Aluminium Bifold Doors


When you are planning to replace your older doors with new ones, you want to be sure that these installations will be aesthetically and technically appealing, functional, strong and durable too. You also need to ensure that the doors will look as good from the inside as they do from the outside. With all these aspects in mind, aluminium bi-fold doors become an excellent option. We at Alpine Aluminium provide bespoke solutions and can cater to all your door installation needs. There are a number of benefits to opting for our slimline aluminium bi-folds, such as:

1. They are extremely functional as they open both inwards and outwards.

2. Since these installations have a wrap-over sash, they provide
    a good level of weathering.

3. The hinges are adjustable and this makes installation easy and quick.

4. They have a multi-point locking system which provides added security.

5. Since aluminium is 100% recyclable, these installations become an
    eco-friendly option.

6. Aluminium is a highly resilient material and it doesn’t expand like
    PVC-U and this enhances the longevity of the installation.

7. The malleability of the material ensures we are able to design and
    fabricate bifold doors that have very slim profiles; this creates a very
    expansive and open look on your property.


8. We are extremely fastidious about quality and only the top-quality
    energy-rated glass panels are used in these installations; the
    aluminium is also of the highest grade and this adds to the strength
    and integrity of the bifolding door installation.


9. You have the option to choose straight/curved glass as per your
    design requirements; it enhances the aesthetics of the interiors.


10. There are space-saving bifold doors designs to choose from, and they
    can be installed in tight spaces as well.


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